Create an Ethereum wallet:

Follow the steps below to create your Ethereum wallet:

  • 1. We recommend that you use
  • 2. Click on the link above and enter a password and make a note of it (important)
  • 3. Then, click on "Generate Wallet"
  • 4. Within a large box entitled “Private Key” you will see a very long series of letters and numbers. Save this information as well.
  • 5. Without the password and the private key, you won't be able to access your wallet.
  • 6. These two bits of information are NOT to be shared with anyone or they could drain your wallet.
  • 7. Now, you will notice that it says, “Save Your Address”. The information in the box below that text is your actual Ethereum address and this is what goes into the Ethereum Address box in your profile.
  • 8. You now have three bits of information that you need to file away for safe keeping:
    • The password for your wallet (not to be shared)
    • The private key for your wallet (not to be shared)
    • Your Ethereum address (to be shared with anyone putting funds in your wallet)

  • Now, that you have a Ethereum Wallet, let's go to the SwissAdsPaysEthFaucet and claim Ethereum or play games and earn more Ethereum.