How to prevent your account being blocked

Published on 2016-10-02

Dear Members,

We've had numerous reports of members accounts being blocked. Here are some tips to prevent your account from being blocked:

- Only set the save password "Remember Me" option on one device/computer.

- Never signup or login from the same device/computer as an existing faucet member.

- Never signup or login from the same location as an existing faucet member.

- Never try to create multiple accounts.


Now What?

Published on 2016-09-14

By now, we hope that you have made a few claims on our faucet. Unless you have a couple hundred referrals, you will have realised that you are unlikely to be buying a new car soon from your faucet earnings.

Our experience with this and other faucets suggests that users get a bit bored with the slow action and start wandering away. They also do not have an immediate use for the Satoshis sitting in their account. We want to give a meaningful purpose to your clicking the claim button every hour. We would like for you to have a reasonable objective that you can reach a couple times each week.

Starting today, you will be able to purchase SwissAdsPays ad packs with the free Satoshis you are earning on our faucet. At the current rate of exchange, you can purchase one $1 ad pack for every 160,000 Satoshis in your account balance. No fees will be charged on this transaction. In fact, you could transfer Satoshis from your Blockchain wallet into your faucet account and purchase all the ad packs you desire.

This will give you an incentive to visit the faucet more frequently and allocate your free raffle tickets. You may also want to try your luck in our Hi/Lo game to increase your balance.

Here is what you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity:

1. If you aren’t already a member of SwissAdsPays, go to to register.
2. Submit a ticket on the faucet and tell us your SwissAdsPays user name, which size ad pack you would like to purchase and how many of them you want.

We will do everything else for you.

P.S. The faucet is here to make money delivering advertising and we want to give most of it back to you. If you need ANY help with the faucet, please ask using the support ticket feature.

P.P.S. Go to to learn more about SwissAdsPays Revenue Sharing.